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Rumailah Power Plant

Al-Rumailah combined cycle 730MW power plant project

The Al-Rumailah combined cycle 730MW power plant project is located in Basra governate south of Iraq, approximately 50 km to the west from the Al-Basra city, and the area of thepower plant (340) acres and the power plant consists of two parts:

  • Part 1 The Al-Rumailah gas power plant for the simple cycle has been established for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and the plant consists of (5) units of Siemens type (SGT5 PAC 4000F) design card (293) MW per unit and the total capacity of the plant (1465) MW, and this plant runs on two types of fuel (natural gas and Gas oil).

  • Part 2 Al-Rumaila combined cycle 730MW power plant is an environmentally friendly plant and is an expansion of the simple cycle at a total cost of the project ($1,026,035,616), where it was contracted with Chinese company (Sinohydro) on 20 January 2016) for design, procurement and construction(EPC) of this plant by international specifications and standards which have been approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, Sinohydro has contracted with the Chinese company SEPECCO to prepare the basic and detailed designs of the project and approved the basic designs on 6th May 2017 for (187) volumes As well as the approval of the detailed designs dated (27 June 2020) for (600) volumes, under which the project equipment was equipped and delivered to the power plant site with several shipments of (107) shipments and a total volume (143,000)m3, with a total weight of shipments (49,000) tons.

    The contracts have been made with Siemens Germany company for supplying steam turbines, generators, and MHPS Dongfang Boiler to supply steam boilers, while the balance of the equipment has been provided from various origins according to approved specifications. The construction of the project has been commenced dated 18th April 2018 the period of the project as agreed with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity is 30 months, and the number of international foreign, and local manpower (administrative and technical) in the project has reached 1,200 people per day to complete civil works, construction work, supervision, and operation of the power plant.

Expantion Work

The project is an extension of the existing simple cycle gas turbine power plant 5*293MW (Gas Turbine SGT5-PAC 4000F&Gas Generator SGen5-1000A) which was manufactured by Siemens Co. to add combine cycle part, the existing 5 Gas turbines are Siemen’s type, and the extension power output is about 707MW.
The basic configuration shall consist of two power blocks of 2/2/1 (two sets of Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and one steam turbine generator (STG)) for block one 3/3/1 (three sets of Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and one steam turbine generator (STG)) for block two the extension power plant output is about 707MW according to the given site condition.

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Rumailah Power Plant
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